Cairns City to Port Douglas - Private Transfer (4-5 pax)


The total drive from Cairns to Port Douglas is 67 km (41.6 mi) and ought to make some drive memories of 1 hr 6 mins in ordinary rush hour gridlock. You can take any of our Cairns City to Port Douglas Buses. The scenic coastline will be the highlight of your journey with Cairns City to Port Douglas Transfer.

Each and every kilometer of the incredible tropical drive is delightful, particularly between Palm Cove and Port Douglas. The journey with all the beautiful sights, you will remain as refreshed as you were when you started the journey. 

Cairns City to Port Douglas Transfer has all that you need for a pleasant journey. The rainforest, the seashore along the highway, and beautiful weather all add up to a ‘happy journey’ feel. You will have a full hour to enjoy the sights and beauty of nature. 

The drive from Cairns to Port Douglas following the coast is a treat to the eyes, This is the piece of Queensland where the rainforest meets the reef. On the trip from Cairns, you will find there's a lot to experience cascades, mountain towns, and sugarcane farms, creeks and beautiful sight seeing spots- while heading to Port Douglas.

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